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RR's looking for new homes

There are 2 Ridgeback rehoming charities in the UK that we fundraise for and refer dogs to, as we don't have kennels in Scotland:

Ridgeback Rescue -click here to visit their website

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Welfare Trust  -  click here to visit.

Please help us find good, forever homes for these dogs, many of whom have ended up in rescue through no fault of their own.  You can contact each charity individually to apply to join their waiting lists to adopt a Ridgeback. 

Rescue help

We are happy to chat to you if you'd like to discuss re-homing a Ridgeback, or you know of someone who would be interested in re-homing a Ridgeback.

If you find you are in the position that you can no longer keep your Rhodesian Ridgeback and wish to have them rehomed, please in the first instance contact the Breeder you obtained the pup from for advice. Reputable breeders will assist in the rehoming of dogs that they have bred, as is laid out in the Kennel Club Code of Ethics. If this is not possible please get in touch with us, or with the rescue charities directly. 

Our Committee member currently looking after Rescue is:

Mrs Liz Hughson

07913 844 283


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