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If you are interested in having a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy please carry out some basic research before taking this long term commitment. Speak to current owners about their experiences, understand what you are letting you and your family into and visit a number of shows and other owners to see the various breeding lines available and see the Ridgeback in the home environment.

Remember, be realistic on your ability to handle a boisterous puppy in your home a juvenile RR can be mighty destructive if left to his own devices.

If you are sure you can cope, please contact our Puppy Advisor, Mrs Suzanne Emptage by email in the first instance, and we will reply to you as soon as possible

We will advise you on availability of puppies. Please also read the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Scotland Guidelines to buying, owning and breeding Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Do not hesitate to ask for help early on as your problems or concerns will have been experienced before, the committee are here to help.

Finally, enjoy your new companion!

A word of caution to puppy buyers

It has come to the notice of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Breed Clubs that some unscrupulous breeders are passing off Rhodesian Ridgebacks of incorrect colours, as "rare and correct" - please be careful.

The correct colours allowed by the breed standard, as defined by The Kennel Club, are Light Wheaten to Red Wheaten and not colours such as black and tan (Doberman colouring) or brindle. Occasionally, due to a recessive gene, silver/grey, blue, black & tan or brindle coloured puppies are born. They should never be shown, never be used in a breeding programme and should be registered as "non standard" colour; their purchase price should reflect this. The Kennel Club recommends that these puppies should have their registration documents endorsed by the breeder accordingly.

3rd photo up shows from left to right; liver nose, wheaten (black nose) and blue puppies - Photo kindly supplied by Bonnie Van Den Born (copyright)

The Dog Breeding Reform are an independent group dedicated to 'Promoting Higher Standards for Dog Health and Informed Puppy Buying' and have produced the following guide for people interested in a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy:

Please also view our Health Pagefor more information on conditions affecting our breed. 

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