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RRCS Championship Show – Sunday 3rd November 2019

Judge - Mr Dan Ericsson (Sweden)

Best in Show & DCC in Ch Faahac Free N’Easy JW ShCM

Reserve Best in show & BCC was Ch Diamondridge Roll the Dice for Royalridge JW

Best puppy in Show & BPB was Priorpark Pot Kettle Black

Best Veteran in Show & BVD was Ch Zougani Zuri ShCM

RDCC went to Villagedogs Red Hot Chilly Pepper

RBCC was Carlincox Pure Gold JW

Reserve Best Puppy/ BPD – Diamondridge Di Caprio

Reserve Best Veteran / BVB – Faahac Royal Faribaa ShCM

All principle winners above pictured right

Male results - dog classes

Class 1 – Minor Puppy Dog (2)

  • Villagedogs Silver Blade Runner (TAF)

  • Priorpark Paradice City of Metalrock

Class 2 – Puppy Dog (4)

  • Diamondridge DiCaprio

  • Diamondridge Keep it Dark for Kemgordoni

  • Nuthouse Abracadabra

  • Celtic Lore’s Golden Archer at Lyonglen (IMP USA)

Class 3 – Junior Dog (7,1)

  • Sofala Lightening Strike

  • Villagedogs Some Like it Hot (ATC BEL)

  • Carlincox Solid Gold

  • Shavano’s Quality of Lifeby Oliver (IMP NOR)

  • Rottzridge Top O The Class

Class 4 – Yearling Dog (3)

  • Trendsetter Hakuna Matata at Druimderg

  • Ozubi’s Pilgrim at Kondwani

  • Rottzridge Top O The Class

Class 5 – Novice Dog (1)

  • Villagedogs Red Hot Chilly Pepper (BEL)

Class 6 – Post Graduate Dog (0)

Class 7 – Limit Dog (6,2)

  • Villagedogs Rise of Phoenix at Saadani (IMP BEL)

  • Nehando’s Excalibur ShCM

  • Carlincox First Encounter

  • Jengachenga Den of Lions

Class 8 – Open Dog (11,1)

  • Ch Faahac Free N’Easy JW ShCM

  • Ch Sofala Joe The Lion

  • Ch Kinabula’s Taking Chances

  • Jimanns The Doctor

  • Saadani Show Off

Class 9 – Veteran Dog (5,2)

  • Ch Zougani Zuri ShCM

  • Ch Roseridge Royal Romeo (AI) (IMP SWE) JW

  • Jengachenga By Design

Female results - bitch classes

Class 10 – Minor Puppy Bitch (2)

  • Rottzridge Perihelion

  • Priorpark Pinch of Salt

Class 11 – Puppy Bitch (3,1)

  • Priorpark Pot Kettle Black

  • Diamondridge Drumroll

Class 12 – Junior Bitch (6)

  • Kinabula’s Gucci Bloom

  • Shavano’s Quality of Life by Indie JW (IMP NOR)

  • Kinabula’s Ment to Be for Faahac

  • Anzacol Amazing Alika at Redcrown

  • Carlincox Golden Aura

Class 13 – Yearling Bitch (7)

  • Carlincox Pure Gold JW

  • Nuthouse Queen ofClubs JW

  • Kinabula Driving Miss Daisy

  • Leeurif Jukeba Mshangao Tatu at Suhuba (IMP GRC)

  • Callmn’s Special Fool

Class 14 – Novice Bitch (2,1)

  • Janak Dronning Maud of Barfordridge

Class 15 – Post Graduate Bitch (5)

  • Nuthouse Some Like It Hot

  • Jengachenga Despicable Me

  • Sweet Little Wallflower

  • Affrhoda Ons Meisie Kya for Redcrown

  • Janak Dronning Maud of Barfordridge

Class 16 – Limit Bitch (13,1)

  • Gabisa Margarita

  • Nuthouse Hot Stuff

  • Jimanns Getting Jiggy With It

  • Sanbona A’FricanSoul Daaci at Suhuba (Imp Deu)

  • Negasi Celebrian

Class 17 – Open Bitch (15)

  • Ch Diamondridge Roll The Dice for Royalridge JW

  • Ch Carlincox First Class JW ShcM ShCEx

  • Ch Colkererin Face to the Sun JW ShCM

  • Int/NL Ch Villagedogs on Dark Side of the Moon

  • Ch/Ir Ch Walamadengie Coco Chanelle HR JNR CH MNE JNR CH SPLIT JNR W 18

Class 18 – Veteran Bitch (9)

  • Faahac Royal Faribaa ShCM

  • Ch Shingwidsi Tshelete Silk

  • Sofala So Fantastique

  • Nuthouse Never Say Never

  • Ch Kamili Comes and Goes JW

Judges Report by Dan Ericsson (Sweden)

Apologies for this very late report. My first report was sent shortly after the show but appears to have been lost, so here it comes again hoping it will arrive promptly this time!

Many thanks to the club for the invitation and for looking after me so well. I enjoyed my day judging the show very much and was impressed by the overall quality. Both line-ups were very strong and I found the breed to be in excellent shape. Grateful thanks also to my able steward who piloted me through the day and also a big thank you to the club for lovely judge’s gifts!

Minor Puppy Dog (2)

1. Muir & McGoldrick’s Villagedog Silver Blade Runner, 6 months’ old baby puppy, soundly made in front and rear, good legs & feet, excellent body, head and ridge, showing a lot of promise, moved well for age

2. Rhodes’ Priorpark Paradice City of Metalrock, 8 months’old and still very immature as one would expect at this age, pleasing head, ears need to settle, good body, feet need to improve and I would have liked a better ridge, happy outgoing temperament, moved ok

Puppy Dog (4)

1. Barnes’ Diamondridge Di Caprio (pictured), very masculine impressive, up to size for age, excellent overall conformation, good mover, feet could be tighter, well-presented in hard condition showing well and won this class with a bit in hand. Best Puppy Dog

2. House’s Diamondridge Keep It Dark for Kemgordoni, lovely type excellent body, well shaped ridge, shoulders need to improve and I preferred the better head and expression of the winner, presented in hard condition moving well

3. Little’s Nuthouse Abracadabra

Junior Dog (7)

1. Raymond’s Sofala Lightening Strike, excellent type, very sound hindquarters, good body, typical head, good long ridge, in hard condition, would have preferred better layback of shoulders.

2. 2. McGoldrick’s Villagedogs Some Like it Hot, 11 months old puppy, very well made throughout, just needs to firm up a little at this stage, excellent head and expression, good legs and feet, typical body and top0line, time will be his best friend

3. 3. Timms’ Carlincox Solid Gold

Yearling Dog (3)

1. Scott & Fitzsimmons’ Trendsetter Hakuna Matata at Druimberg, sizeable masculine dog who commands attention, sound front and rear, good body, excellent ridge, typical head, feet could be better, good mover, presented in hard muscular condition and an easy winner here today

2. Mulligan’s Ozubi’s Pilgrim at Kondwani, young dog who needs time to come together and firm up, good head, excellent body and topline, dentition not perfect, very pale in colour, moved ok

3. Thomson’s Rottzridge Top O’ The Class

Novice Dog (1)

1. McGoldrick’s Villagedogs Red Hot Chili Pepper (pictured), alone in this class but in no ways disgraced, handles beautifully and is very well made through-out with all the essentials, excellent front and rear, correct body and ribcage, very good coat and colour, well-formed ridge of good length, moved soundly, pressed very hard in the challenge and landed the res CC.

Post Graduate Dog (0)

Limit Dog (6, 2 abs)

1. Aitken Muir’s Villagedog Rise of Phoenix at Saadani, very well presented masculine dog of correct type and size, moving effortlessly with good drive, beautiful legs and feet, typical masculine head, just a shade throaty and croup is not perfect, but overall very good dog who appealed greatly.

2. Buchanan’s Nehando’s Excalibur ShCM, strongly made dark dog, heavy in head and lips could be tighter, good strong topline, sound hindquarters, good ridge, would have liked him a little more athletic overall, but he is well constructed and moves well.

3. Barnard’s Calincox First Encounter,

Open Dog (11, 1 abs). Strong class with much food for thought ultimately headed by:

1. Cataharell’s Ch Faahac Free’n’Easy JW ShCM (pictured), top quality dog of great overall quality, soundly made throughout, excellent head and expression, sound legs and feet, very good ridge with well-placed symmetrical crowns, moved as one would expect from his construction and I was happy to award him dog CC and BEST in SHOW. Well done – a lovely dog!

2. Little’s Ch Sofala Joe the Lion, another lovely dog whom I liked a lot, good front, excellent legs, body and topline, sound rear and good hindquarters, ok in head – just preferred the better expression of the winner here and in the challenge, expertly presented, moving very well, another strong contender for top honours

3. Farleigh’s Ch Kinabula’s Taking Chances.

Veteran Dog (5, 2 abs)

1. Mulligan’s Ch Zougani Zuri ShCM (pictured), 10 years old typical dog looking fit and well showing his heart out today, very good overall make & shape, sound front and rear, moved like a train, feet not his fortune, delightful temperament, typical head and expression. Best Veteran

2. Geeves’ Ch Roseridge Royal Romeo, 7s old masculine dog with good front and rear moving very soundly, ridge could have been longer and not so pleasing in head, presented in good order showing well.

3. Lowson’s Jengachenga by Design

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)

1. Black, Black & McKinlay’s Rottzridge Periphelion, 7 months’ old baby puppy of lovely type, perfect ridge, really good feet, sound legs, typical head for age, sound behind, showed well for one so young

2. Parsons’ Priorpark Pinch of Salt, also 7 months’old, but not as mature yet as the winner, light in body, good legs & feet, would have liked a better eye and expression, delightful temperament, showed ok

Puppy Bitch (3, 1 abs)

1. Parson’s Priorpark Pot Kettle Black (pictured), really lovely bitch puppy of beautiful breed type, excellent head and expression, really good front, neck and shoulders, sound hindquarters, excellent outline & overall shape, moved soundly and with great enthusiasm, liked her a lot. Best Puppy

2. Salmon’s Diamondridge Drumroll, dark 11 months’ old bitch

puppy with lots to like, very good body, sound rear, head still needs to develop and feet could be tighter, enthusiastic mover but not as coordinated on the move as I would have liked at this stage

Junior Bitch (6)

1. Geeves’ Kinabula’s Gucci Bloom, very feminine good bitch with perfect overall proportions and excellent length of ridge, well-made body, sound rear, moved well, needs a little more strength in muzzle

2. Cyprien’s Shavano’s Quality of Life by Indie JW, another good bitch but somewhat different in type and stronger in build than the winner and larger overall, well-made front, body and rear, typical head with good expression, excellent parallel movement, just a little long in loin, well-presented

3. Lawless & Catharell’s Kinabula’s Ment to Be for Faahac

Yearling Bitch (7)

1. Cox’ Carlincox Pure Gold JW (pictured), all quality bitch with very correct overall conformation, sound front and rear, good legs and feet, excellent movement, liked her a lot and she pressed hard in the challenge where she was awarded the res CC marginally beating her kennel-mate First Class. Must have a bright future!

2. Hicks’ Nuthouse Queen of Clubs JW, another really good bitch who impressed and many of the same comments above apply, not quite the layback of shoulders or the fluid movement of the winner, but overall a very good bitch of similar make & shape to the winner. Scored in eye and expression.

3. Farleigh’s Kinabula Driving Miss Daisy

Novice Bitch (2, 1 abs)

1. Strong bitch of good type, excellent legs & feet, ok in head and expression, movement not her fortune and I would have liked better crowns, hope her ear injury improves! Good temperament

Post Graduate Bitch (5). Difficult class with great variation.

1. Hicks’ Nuthouse Some Like it Hot, feminine with good head, sound legs, excellent ridge, a little fine-drawn overall and she could have had a little more deportment on the move, but her many excellent points made her a worthy winner of this class

2. Jengachenga Despicable Me - Very good front, excellent body, rather weak in muzzle and topline could be stronger when standing, good legs, sound hindquarters

3. Duncan’s Sweet Little Wallflower

Limit Bitch (13, 1 1bs). Another class with great variation

1. Hutcheson’s Gabisa Margarita, this is a very correct bitch who handles very well and is full of breed type. Excellent front and rear reflected in free, sound movement, pleasing head and eye, correct expression, perhaps a shade long in loin but nonetheless a very good bitch of excellent overall quality, made her presence felt strongly in the challenge.

2. Hicks’ Nuthouse Hot Stuff, another good bitch from this exhibitor who showed several really good Ridgebacks here today, lovely type, good body, excellent overall proportions, sound rear, feet could have been tighter and muzzle a little stronger, but her overall make & shape is very good indeed, sound easy mover

3. Harrower’s Jimanns Getting Jiggy With It

Open Bitch (15) Lovely quality class and a privilege to judge

1. Catley & McGimpsey’s Ch Diamondridge Roll the Dice for Royalridge JW (pictured), ultra-sound feminine bitch full of quality, lovely head, good front assembly, sound quarters, excellent body, topline and ridge, never put a foot wrong in the ring and was handled expertly to win the bitch CC in strong competition – congratulations!

2. Cox’s Ch Carlincox First Class JW ShCM – and yes, she is first class! Very close decision between these two lovely bitches, beautiful breed type, soundly made throughout, good body, legs & feet, excellent length of ridge, showed really well, just preferred the more parallel movement of the ultimate winner.

3. Hodge’s Ch Colkeririn Face to the Sun JW ShCM

Veteran Bitch (9, 1 abs) Lovely class of oldies and a delight to judge

1. Thomson’s Faahac Royaal Faribaa ShCM (pictured), sizeable 7½ year-old, full of energy and very lively on the move where she excels, sound front and rear, good body, excellent coat, colour and ridge, not the most feminine of bitches but she won this excellent class on her wonderful movement and positive attitude.

2. Kirby & Mansfield’s Ch Shingwidsi Tshelete Silk, 9½ years old and could have passed for half her age standing, handles very well and her overall conformation is textbook, good legs and feet, not happy moving here today and she could have used her tail better when walking round the ring,

3. Raymond’s Sofala So Fantastique.

Dan Ericsson (Sweden)


CC & RCC winners 












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