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2010 Championship Show

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All rounder Denise Courtney judged our fourth Championship show on Sunday 7th November 2010 at Lawrie and Symington Agricultural Centre, Lanark. Thanks to everyone who supported the show, especially those who travelled from afar! We hope a good day was enjoyed by all.

A special thanks to Caroline Melville for being our photographer for the day! Full results below, followed by critique.

Minor Puppy Dog

1st Muir's Kiromol Its All About Me at Kikeba

2nd Patterson's Rocksham Kimwezi

3rd Clark's Tagg You're It

Res McLardie & McGlynn's Jomeja Matobo

Puppy Dog

1st Douglass' Kitoko Nobody Does It Better

2nd Armitage's Faahac Faabu

3rd Muir's Kiromol Its All About Me at Kikeba

Res Pearce & Parke's Veldtkammer Worth Da Hassle

VHC Mulligan's Zougani Zuri

Junior Dog

1st Anthony's Jnr Ch Rottzridge Cock o the Walk

2nd Hardie & McIntyre's Zougani Zakulu

3rd Lowson's Jengachenga By Design

Yearling Dog

1st MacLean & Clark's Veldtkammer Golden Balls of Callmn

2nd Lowson's Jengachenga By Design

Novice Dog
1st Oakes' Mufambidzani Rising Sun

Post Graduate Dog

1st Robinson & Campbell Dickson's Wingsdancin Archangel Lucifer

Limit Dog

1st Brien & Young's Jengachenga Atsama for Imanje

2nd Lennie's Jengachenga Akili

3rd Hicks' Nuthouse Manhatton

Res Guthrie's Totally Jay

Open Dog

1st Salmon's Dimondridge Bakari of Zebrariver

2nd Cunningham's Ir Ch Walamadengie Monte-Carlo Jnr Ch CW10

3rd Davis' Jaloumi I Am Legend from Hesslewell JW

Res Campbell's Nyassa Adam

VHC Boyd, Rossiter & Fox's Ch Sonstraal Gabe's Prospect at Sescheke JW ShCM

DCC Salmon's Dimondridge Bakari of Zebrariver

RDCC Cunningham's Ir Ch Walamadengie Monte-Carlo Jnr Ch CW10

BPD Douglass' Kitoko Nobody Does It Better

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Cunningham's Kololi Star of Walamadengie

2nd Salmon's Lobengula Lulu

3rd Patterson's Rocksham Kitambi

Puppy Bitch

1st Bates' Gunthwaite Disco Diva

2nd MacLean & Clark's Druimderg Dancin Wit Fire at Callmn

3rd Davis' Veldtkammer Reddy for This from Hesslewell

Res Maylor's Kamili Busara

VHC Wedderburn-Ogilvy's Zougani Zanela

Junior Bitch

1st Smith's Neelanjali Premier Rose at Lilongwe

2nd Harrower's Jimanns Twice Nightly

3rd Nelson's Zougani Zhara

Res Brien & Young's Jengachenga Bold As Brass for Imanje JW

VHC Wedderburn-Ogilvy's Zougani Zanela

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Boyd's Sescheke's Acting Miss Sassy

2nd Ferguson's Sonstraal The Devil's Waltz

3rd Lennox & Cochrane's Nurisha Narkeasha of Afifa

Limit Bitch

1st Campbell's Nyassa Everlasting Love

2nd Spratling's Ballyriver Miss Miller Under Unzezi

3rd Ferguson's Sonstraal The Devil's Waltz

Res Hicks' Nuthouse Martini

VHC Hutcheson & Ogilvie's Sonstraal Gabby Anny of Gabisa

Open Bitch

1st Anthony's Ir Ch Rottzridge Walk the Walk

2nd Lawless' Ch Faahac Fareyna JW ShCM

3rd Miles & Parke's Ch Veldtkammer Red Hot Chick at Jaloumi

Res Lowson's Tsjakka Kari of Jengachenga

VHC Darling's Zougani Zawadi

Veteran Bitch

1st Wilson's Lajaniens Rootin Tootin

BCC Campbell's Nyassa Everlasting Love

RBCC Smith's Neelanjali Premier Rose at Lilongwe

BPB Bates' Gunthwaite Disco Diva

BVB Wilson's Lajaniens Rootin Tootin




My thanks to the Officers & Committee for giving me the honour of judging their club show and to the exhibitors for their lovely quality entry of dogs which was such a pleasure to judge.

M.P.D. (4) 1. Muir’s, KIROMOL ITS ALL ABOUT ME AT KIKEBA, Handsome baby of 6 mths. Good head, eye and expression. Strong neck leading into good layback of shoulder. Excellent mover when settled. Presented and handled well.

2. Patterson’s, ROCKSHAM KIMWEZI, Lovely youngster of 8 mths with a pleasing outline. Good head with aloof expression. Very unsettled today but I loved his shapley confirmation. In lovely condition.

3. Clark’s, TAGG YOURE IT.

P.D. (6) 1. Douglass, KITOKO NOBODY DOES IT BETTER, Excellent youngster with a super head, dark, bright eye with a most appealing expression. Good length in neck, nice shoulder placement and strong forelegs. Firm topline and well defined hindquarters. Steady mover, very sound, in lovely condition and expertly handled. B.P. 

2. Armitage’s, FAAHAC FAABU, Another lovely baby, pleasing head and expression. Very shapely in body make-up. Stylish on the move and presented well.


J.D. (4) 1. Anthony’s, JNR CH. ROTTZRIDGE COCKO THE WALK, Lovely balanced dog with good substance and bone. Pleasing head with intelligent expression. Good front and depth of brisket. Correct ridge and well muscled hindquarters. Moved well when settled, presented and handled well.

2. Hardie & McIntyre’s, ZOUGANI ZAKULU, Shapely young boy who needs time to mature. Powerful backline and strong loin. A little more ring craft, steady mover when settled, in lovely condition.


Y.D. (3) 1. Maclean & Clark’s, VELDTKAMMER GOLDEN BALLS OF CALLMN, Handsome young Hound with good length in head and dignified expression. Strong neck of good length, deep chest, broad backline and well angulated rear. Free mover showing correct action. Presented and handled well.

2. Lowson’s, JENGACHENGA BY DESIGN, Masculine dog with good bone and substance. Sound topline and quarters. Good feet and tail carriage. Nicely presented and handled.

N.D. (1) 1. Oakes, MUFAMBIDZANI RISING SUN, Pleasing boy, good head with alert expression. Clean neckline leading into good shoulder placement. Erratic on the move today but in lovely condition and presented well.

P.G.D. (1) 1. Robinson & Campbell Dickson’s, WINGSDANCIN ARCHANGEL LUCIFER, Pleasing dog with masculine head. Good depth in chest and strong topline. Good turn of stifle and hocks well let down. Moved well when settled and presented well.

L.D. (4) 1. Brien & Young’s, JENGACHENGA AT SDAMA FOR IMANJE, Excellent dog of lovely type with good head, eye and bright expression. Well made neck, shoulder placement and backline. Free mover showing good front extension. Expertly handled and presented.

2. Lennie’s, JENGACHENGA AKILI, Handsome boy with pleasing head and expression. Very shapely in body confirmation with good fore & aft. Excellent mover who covered the ground with ease. In lovely condition and presented well.


O.D. (9). 1. Salmon’s, DIAMONDRIDGE BAKARI OF ZEBRARIVER, Quality boy that I just loved. Most handsome head, dark eye with aloof expression. Looked balanced stood and on the move. Strong neck of good length flowing into excellent shoulder placement. Deep chest, good brisket and muscular loin nicely arched. Free mover who was a pleasure to watch. In excellent hard condition and expertly handled. C.C. 

2. Cunningham’s, IR.CH. WALAMADENGIE MONT-CARLO JNR CH CW10, Another quality Hound, very stylish and sound on the move. Shapely all through with good bend of stifle and second thigh. Compact feet and correct tail carriage. Beautifully presented and handled. R.C.C.


M.P.B. (3) 1. Cunningham’s, KOLOLI STAR OF WALAMADENGIE, Very beautiful baby of 8 mths, very much a star as her name suggests. Lovely head with a gentle expression. Excellent neck and front. Moved well for one so young showing a lovely head carriage. Presented and handled well.

2. Salmon’s, LOBENGULA LULU, Another lovely baby of super breed type. Very feminine head with appealing expression. Shapely in body confirmation with all the curves in the right places. Moved well when settled and presented well.

3. Patterson’s, ROCKSHAM KITAMBI.

P.B. (7) 1. Bates, GUNTHWAITE DISCO DIVA, Attractive young lady, beautiful head with lovely expression. Very shapely front with good forelegs and topline. Lovely depth and length to her ribs. Free mover showing correct action. Beautifully presented and handled.

2. Maclean-Clark’s, DRUIMDERG DANCIN WITH FIRE AT CALLMN, Another lovely youngster. Feminine head with dark, aloof eye. Good topline, ridge and tail carriage. Impressive mover who covered the ground well. Presented and handled well.


J.B. (7) 1. Smith’s, NEELANJALI PREMIER ROSE AT LILONGWE, Lovely balanced young bitch with a beautiful head and expression. Good neck and shoulder layback. Deep chest, well sprung ribs and well made hindquarters which showed on the move. Sound mover showing good extension. In lovely condition, I loved her outline and am sure she must have a glowing future. Expertly handled and presented. R.C.C.  

2. Harrower’s, JIMANNS TWICE NIGHTLY, Quality young bitch, very feminine with lovely expression. Good topline, ridge and ribcage. Sound mover in lovely condition and handled well.

3. Nelson’s, ZOUGANI ZHARA.


P.G.B. (5) 1. Boyd’s, SESCHEKE’S ACTING MISS SASSY, Feminine young bitch of lovely breed type. Beautiful head with well defined stop. Elegant neck, good forequarters and topline. Strong hindquarters which showed on the move. Presented well.

2. Ferguson’s, SONSTRAAL THE DEVIL’S WALTZ, Another beautiful bitch of lovely type. Not as settled as 1 on the move. Very good overall balance and construction. Beautifully presented and handled.

3. Lennox & Cochrane’s, NUR ISHA NARKEASHA OF AFIFA. 

L.B. (11) 1. Campbell’s, NYASSA EVERLASTING LOVE, Top quality bitch with the loveliest of heads and expression. Elegant neck of good length flowing into lovely layback of shoulder. Good depth in chest and well formed ribs. Correct topline and strong loin nicely arched. Well defined hindquarters with good bend of stifle. Free mover with good fore & aft and showing a lovely head carriage. Immaculately presented and expertly handled. C.C. & B.I.S.

2. Spratling’s, BALLYRIVER MISS MILLER UNDER UNZEZI, Beautiful bitch of lovely type and balance. Appealing head with aloof expression. Clean, well muscled shoulder, good front and depth. Powerful mover, driving well off her hocks. In lovely condition and expertly handled.


O.B. (11) 1. Anthony’s, IR.CH. ROTTZRIDGE WALK THE WALK, Very beautiful dark bitch with feminine head, dark eye with arrogant expression. Well muscled and in superb condition. Good front and shoulder placement. Stylish mover who handled well.

2. Lawless’s, CH. FAAHAC FAREYNA JW.Sh.CM, Another beautiful bitch with a lovely head and expression. Very sound in all departments, balanced angulation fore & aft. Free mover in lovely condition and expertly handled.


Vet.B. (3) 1. Wilson’s, LAJANIENS ROOT TOOTIN, Lovely bitch in excellent condition for her 7 yrs. Good head with intelligent expression. Powerful neck and well boned forelegs. Strong loin and well muscled hindquarters. Steady, sound mover who handled well.

Judge. Denise Courtney.

PREVIOUS YEARS: 2009 2008 2007 

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