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2007 Championship Show

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I was very honoured to be asked to judge the first ever championship show which was one of the friendliest and well organised shows I have had the pleasure of judging.

I found only one dog with misplaced teeth, I found no bad feet, no badly carried tails. I found correct shaped eyes, one or two nervous youngsters and saw no aggression of any kind at any time which has to be top marks and gave me a doubly enjoyable day judging a breed I have adored for many generations.

BIS was Ch Zougani Zamba; RBIS, Ch Hayawani Kamamba Rangi To Faahac; and BP, Veldtkammer Face Bovvered.

MPD (7) 1 Raymond’s Sofala Saracen, 7 ½ months super youngster, nice head and neck, excellent topline, good forechest and front, looked a picture standing and on the move;

2 Wentink’s Tsjakka Just Joey, 7 months youngster, fair head, neck and front, fair topline, moved well coming and going, looked nice in profile;

3 Raymond’s Sofala Scimitar.

PD (6) 1 Sofala Saracen; 2 Tsjakka Just Joey; 3 Wells and Brown’s Tsjakka Cool Duke.

JD (8,4) 1 Harrower’s Jimanns Jinky Johnstone, good size, quite mature for age, good head and expression, fair neck and shoulder, good forechest, excellent length of body, good tailset, good angulation, moved well overall;

2 Sales’ Lionpride Leo, still a bit of a baby, lovely head, ears and expression, good forechest. Just a touch long in loin, still has a lot of growing to do. Adequately angulated, moved well;

3 Tearne and Regan’s Faahac Fumba Aann’Gai.

YD (7,2) 1 Jimanns Jinky Johnstone;

2 Ratcliffe’s Flametrees Kyper of Godolphin, I liked this one a lot, unlucky to come up against 1 in this class as both dogs were very nice. Moved well, nice head and neck, good topline, adequate angulation front and rear, good on the move, looked good standing;

3 Lionpride Leo.

PGD (9) 1 Boyd, Rossiter and Fox’s Sonstraal Gabe’s Prospect and Sescheke excellent expression, head and ears, good shoulder and topline, well angulated, free and easy movement, carries himself with purpose;

2 Raymond’s Sofala Sovereign, fair head and neck, good shoulder, covered a lot of ground on the move, looked good standing, excellent temperament;

3 O’Hare and Malik’s Kiromol Kianzio.

LD (7,1) Muir’s Kiromol Kantigi of Kikeba, nice dog, looks to be full of promise, excellent head and forehand, good topline, adequate angulation looked good on the move and standing, excellent temperament;

2 Bailey’s Monduri Un Beau Lion, smaller than 1, good forehand, moved really well, excellent condition and temperament;

3 Kiromol Kianzio.

OD (9,3) 1 Nelson’s Ch Zougani Zamba, not the biggest dog but had outstanding presence and movement to match, lovely head, excellent ears and neck, good expression, excellent in forehand, correct angulation, took my eye the moment he entered the ring. Best overall dog I could find and was pleased he was there. CC and BIS; 2 Cooper’s Ch/Ir Ch Veldtkammer Dew To More Duo, excellent overall. Would be difficult to find fault. Excellent forehand, topline and movement, looked good standing, excellent temperament RCC;

3 Rossiter and Fox’s Ch/Aus Ch Chilolo CJ Someday Sam.

VD (1) Hutcheson and Ogilvie’s Kwekwe Kudo at Gabisa, almost 9 ½ years, looked good and fit, in excellent condition, kept his posture, showed and moved well for age.

MPB (4) 1 Harrower’s Jimanns Jiggy Jiggy, 6 months, super puppy, not big but a good size for age, nice female head, good forehand, neck and topline, moved really well, adequate angulation, looked good standing, excellent temperament; 2 Doughty’s Rubiltra Chizarira, at nearly 9 months, big difference in size. 1 and 2 more close together in judging and I am sure on another day they could change places; 3 McCarthy’s Jarhiba Hope And Glory.

PB (6) 1 Parke’s Veldtkammer Face Bovvered, almost 11 months, caught my eye, her movement and willingness to perform for her age was outstanding. Fair head, good neck, well muscled forehand, adequate angulation, super temperament, at one with handler. BPIS;

2 Jimanns Jiggy Jiggy;

3 Ratcliff and Dunn’s Godolphins Catch The Cat.

JB (5,1) 1 Onslow and Johnston’s Rumuruti Rather B Rabbiting, well made, eye catching, nice head and ears, strong neck, good forehand, good on the move, moved freely;

2 Miles and Parke’s Veldtkammer Red Hot Chick at Jaloomi, quite liked her except she loses her topline when standing which cost her this class. Moved well coming and going and in profile;

3 Barnes’ Diamondridge Dallila.

YB (3,2) 1 Donnelly’s Mwenga Loulahni, nice young bitch, fair head, neck and shoulder, fair topline, adequate angulation, moved well throughout.

PGB (10,2) 1 Hanson and Dunn’s Ilizulu Magical Moonlight, shows a lot of promise, nice head and neck, good topline and forehand, good tuck-up, moved well coming and going and in profile;

2 Mounfield’s Nyassa Caluula at Maseru, shows promise. Not as together as 1. Looked good stood up and on the move;

3 Darling’s Zougani Zawadi.

LB (8,3) 1 Miles’ Veldtkammer Adam ‘N’ Eve It at Jaloumi, lovely female, super head, neck and topline, looked good standing and super on the move;

2 Patterson’s Rocksham Kinoa, coming together well:

3 Donnelly’s Kylini Ijrystal.

OB (15,5) 1 Lawless’s Ch Hayawani Kamamba Rangi To Faahac, really nice bitch, intelligent expression, nice head, excellent neck and shoulder, nice straight front, good topline and tuck up, correct length of loin, adequate angulation front and rear, nice knuckled feet, moved really well in profile and coming and going. CC and RBIS;

2 Anthony’s Ir Ch Trendsetter Aza vom Rottzridge, well made, nice head, ears and neck, good nice straight front, adequate angulation, moved well overall;

3 Parke’s Mangwe Shakela.

VB (4) 1 Rimmer’s Rocksham Rio at Kylini, at 9 ½ years a credit to her owner, she almost galloped around the ring and moved better than some of the younger exhibits. I think she was saying this is how you do it!;

2 Ringer’s Flametrees Brown Sugar, 7 ½ years, again a credit to her owner but has got another two years to catch the winner up. She looked really good was in good coat and moved well;

3 Harrower’s Flametrees Nenya at Jimanns.

Dennis MacMillan (Judge)

Note: All photogrpahy by Trafford,

Other Years - 2010 2009 2008

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