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RRCS Championship Show

7th November 2021

Judge Fran Mitchell (Bronia) 

Principle results

BCC & Best in Show - Farleigh's Ch Kinabula's Gucci Bloom

DCC & Reserve Best in Show - McGoldrick's BEL CH Villagedogs Some Like it Hot

RDCC - Farleigh's Kinabula's Just for the Record

RBCC - Parson's Priorpark Pot Kettle Black JW

BPB & Best Puppy in Show - Humphrey's Priorpark Peaky Blinder

BPD & RBPIS - Parson's Priorpark Perfect Timing

Best Veteran in Show - Nicholl's Jimann's Fun Lovin Criminal JW

RBVIS - Davies Ch Gunthwaite's Son of a Preacha JW

Generously sponsored by #naturalinstinct

Judges Report

Many thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge and the exhibitors for the wonderful entry containing some beautiful dogs. I was absolutely spoiled for choice in the open classes, thank you. Thanks also to my very helpful steward, Edith!

Minor Puppy Dog (2)

1. Kirby + Mansfield’s Shingwidsi Tsholo Light - Correct head, well-shaped eye, strong neck, shoulder could be better. Excellent bone & ribbing, good ridge, balanced quarters. Nice outline. Moved soundly.

2. Dennis’s Sonnypride Rum and Raisin -Just over 6 months, head needs to develop, good neck and shoulder, good bone, ribbing needs to lengthen to support, good quarters. Only a baby and very immature at the moment.

Puppy Dog (4:2)

1. Nelson’s Zougani Zante – Very balanced puppy with a lovely head correct eye and ear set, strong neck, well placed shoulder, excellent bone & ribbing, well balanced quarters. Moved well with good extension.

2. Fox’s Callmn’s King Pin – bigger dog, heavier in head, good neck, shoulder a little upright, great boned ribbing, well balanced rear. Moved soundly.

Junior Dog (6:1)

1. Reid’s If I Can Dream Energy Of Africa For Saadani (Imp CZE) – Very handsome boy, good head, correct eye, good ear set, good neck running into well laid shoulder, good bone & feet, good ribbing, well angulated quarters. A little unsure of the floor at times but when he relaxed had great reach and drive and kept a good outline.

2. Parson’s Priorpark Perfect Timing – Lovely head and eye, good neck, good shoulder placement though I would have liked more upper arm, good bone and feet, good ribbing, well balanced quarters. Moved soundly. Best Puppy Dog.

3. Jolly’s Nimefurahi Havoc

Yearling Dog (6:2)

1. Reid’s If I Can Dream Energy Of Africa For Saadani (Imp CZE)

2. Tanner + Baldwin’s Barfordridge Rudolph – good overall construction with a good head and well set ears, good bone and ribbing, moved soundly.

Post Graduate Dog (6:2)

1. McGoldrick’s Villagedogs Time For Me To Fly (ATC AP00757Bel) – dark male of excellent proportion. Correct head, dark round eye, good ear set, strong neck, well laid shoulder, great bone & feet, ribbing carried well back, well balanced muscular quarters. Moved true fore & aft and kept a good outline on the move.

2. Mulholland’s Walamadengie Red Red Wine – Good overall shape all through. Good head, though eye could be darker, good balance to angulation front and rear. Sound on the move. Bit heavy in condition today.

3. Bower’s Celtic Lore’s Golden Archer at Lyonglen (Imp USA)

Limit Dog (7:1)

1. Hurn’s Diamondridge Dark Delight of Matikiridge – lovely head, correct dark eye, good ear set, strong neck, well laid shoulder with correct angulation, excellent bone and ribbing, well angulated quarters. Sound on the move keeping correct topline.

2. Nash’ Mutoko’s Noble One – slightly bigger male, good head but a little heavy on the jowl, good neck, super front, good ribbing, well angulated quarters, good bone & feet. Good on the move.

3. Farleigh’s Kinabula's Jobs a Good Un

Open Dog (12:2)

Super class

1. McGoldrick’s – CH Villagedogs Some Like It Hot (ATC AW01489Bel) – Beautiful male. Super balance all through. Correct head proportions with correct eye shape and ear set. Excellent balance to front and rear angulation, super bone and feet, great ribbing carried well back, correct topline and underline, moved with reach and drive keeping his outline at all times. Dog CC.

2. Farleigh’s Kinabula's Just For the Record – male of a different type but also beautifully balanced all through. He has a good head and eye, good neck and shoulder, good ribbing and balanced rear. Moved out well covering the ground. Res CC

3. Whiteside’s Jimanns The Doctor

Veteran Dog (2:1)

1. Davie’s Gunthwait’s Son of a Preacha JW – Lovely quality boy with a good head and expression, good neck and shoulder excellent bone and ribbing, well balanced quarters. Sound. Sorry he couldn’t stay for BV.

Minor Puppy Bitch (3:1)

1. Thompson’s Sonnypride Honeycomb – real baby but with lots of promise. Has good angulation front and rear, good neck and lay of shoulder. Moved true fore and aft. Happy baby

2. Kirby + Mansfield’s Shingwidsi Tshedisa Light – good head and eye shape, good neck, rather straight in shoulder, excellent bone and ribbing, fair quarters. Sound on the move.

Puppy Bitch (9:3)

1. Humphrey’s Priorpark Peaky Blinder – liver nose girl, fair head, good eye, correct ear set, good neck running into well laid shoulder, good return of upper arm, good bone, excellent ribbing, short loin, nicely balanced quarters. Moved well with good extension. Close up for Res CC. Best puppy in show.

2. Murray’s Priorpark Patience of Dellared – litter sister to my winner and many of the same attributes. I felt my winner scored in return of upper arm, nevertheless another quality puppy.

3. Crossan + Muncie Callmn's Queen Bee of Mahanovemi

Junior Bitch (3:3)

Yearling Bitch (2:1)

1. Alexander’s Kansenji Topaz – good head and expression, dark round eye, strong neck, good front assembly, excellent bone and ribbing, good quarters. Good movement keeping her good outline, Very balanced.

Novice Bitch (3:1)

1. Brewis’ Barfordridge Wilhelmina of Janak – little strong in head, good neck, balanced angulation but I would prefer more length to upper arm, fair quarters great bone and ribbing. Very exuberant, sound when she settled.

2. Hodge’s Colkeririn The Sun Runhr – smart bitch with good overall construction. Unfortunately unsure and wouldn’t be handled.

Post Graduate Bitch (4:1)

1. Farleigh Kinabula's My Girls Lollipop – very typical type from this kennel, good head and expression, good neck and front assembly, excellent top and underline, balanced angulation to hindquarters. Moved soundly.

2. Black & McKinlay Rottzridge Perihelion At Gileeja – very dark in colour, good head but light eye, balanced angulation front and rear, good topline which she kept on the move, sound.

3. Alexander Kansenji Khalifa

Limit Bitch (13:5)

1. Nash’s Mutoko’s Blaze of Glory – lovely head, good eye shape and colour, good neck running into well places shoulder, would like a touch more length to upper arm, good bone and feet, good rib, short loin, well angulated quarter. Very sound on the move which won her the class.

2. Barne’s Diamondridge Dolores de Rio – liver nose bitch of quality. Good head, eye shape & colour, neck, front assembly, good ribbing and quarter. Moved soundly but just losing her topline a little today.

3. Taylors’s Tokwe Truly A Blessing

Open Bitch (16:2)

Truly a super class to judge, I was spoiled for choice and some lovely bitches went unplaced, thank you for bringing them all.

1. Farleigh’s Kinabula's Gucci Bloom – lovely head, correct dark eye, correct ear placement to give a lovely expression, good neck running into well placed shoulder, super bone and ribbing, correctly angulated quarters, moved with reach and drive keeping her lovely outline. Pleased to award her her 11th CC with BIS. Lovely girl, thank you for bringing her!

2. Parson’s Priorpark Pot Kettle Black JW – another super bitch of a slightly different type. Good head, eye slightly lighter, great construction, very balanced in front and rear and so sound on the move keeping her lovely topline at all times. My Res CC winner.

3. Cox’s Carlincox Pure Gold JW

Veteran Bitch (6:1)

1. Nicholl’s Jimann’s Fun Lovin Criminal JW – beautiful balanced bitch with correct head proportions, strong neck, good shoulder position and angles, excellent bone, feet and ribbing, well angulated hindquarters. Moved really well keeping her outline. BVIS.

2. Alexander’s Kansenji Noor – very nice looking bitch, well-constructed and very balanced all through. Moved with precision keeping a good outline.

3. Tanner + Baldwin’s Janark Dronning Maud of Barfordridge.

F. Mitchell (Bronia)


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