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RR Club of Scotland Open Show 

9th April 2022

Judge Miss Edith Wallace

Best Bitch & BIS - Priorpark Pot Kettle Black JW 

Reserve Best Bitch - Walamadengie Little Wren

Best Dog & RBIS - Mutoko’s Noble One

Reserve Best Dog - Nehando’s Excalibur ShCM

Best Puppy Dog & BPIS - Jimanns Ace of Spades

Best Puppy Bitch & RBPIS - Asharaa Stars In Your Eyes at Gileeja

Best Veteran in Show - Faahac Royal Faribaa ShCM

Best in Show pictured above.  Pictured below, left to right; 

Reserve Best in Show, Best Puppy in Show & Best Veteran in Show

Puppy Dog (4)

1st - Jimanns Ace Of Spades

2nd - Rubicon Red Marvellous Black Panther at Kamili (Imp MNE) TAF

3rd - Hespa Dolcetto

Res - Asharaa Dark Side Of The Moon at Gileeja

Junior Dog (3,2)

1st - Zougani Zante

Post Graduate Dog (3)

1st - Priorpark Perfect Timing

2nd - Leteela Happy As Larry

3rd - W/H

Limit Dog (6,1)

1st - Mutoko’s Noble One

2nd - Celtic Lore’s Golden Archer At Lyonglen (Imp USA)

3rd - Rottzridge Top O The Class

Res - Matsushona Fire Opal of Cynami

VHC -Walamadengie Red Red Wine

Open Dog (3,2)

1st - Nehando’s Excalibur

Veteran Dog - no entries

Puppy Bitch (7)

1st - Asharaa Stars In Your Eyes At Gileeja

2nd - Jimanns Fidget

3rd - Gabisa Sweet Tart

Res - Rubicon Red Marvellous Pepper Pots (Imp MNE)

VHC - Sonstraal Breaking Dawn

Junior Bitch (2,1)

1st - Priorpark Peaky Blinder

Post Graduate Bitch (2)

1st - Sonstraal Walkimg Sunshine With Sharufa

2nd - Kansenji Topaz

Limit Bitch (10,4)

1st - Walamadengie Little Wren

2nd - Rottzridge Perihelion at Gileeja

3rd - Priorpark Pinch of Salt

Res - Sweet Little Wallflower of Leteela

VHC - Affrhoda Athiyyah

Open Bitch (7,1)

1st - Priorpark Pot Kettle Black JW

2nd - Ch Colkeririn Face to the Sun JW ShCM

3rd - Kinabula’s All About the Bass JW

Res - Affrhoda Athiyyah

VHC - Callmn’s Perfect Storm

Veteran Bitch (4,1)

1st - Faahac Royal Faribaa ShCM

2nd - Kenquince Pisonia of Cynami ShCM

3rd - Kansenji Noor

Reserve Best Dog and Reserve Best Bitch (pictured left)

Special Award Classes

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