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Best in Show & BVIS - Ch Sonstraal Chocolate Storm ShCM


The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Scotland held a Championship show where BIS was Ch Sonstraal Chocolate Storm; RBIS, Hespa Starlit Sky at Hesselwell; & BP, Carlincox Ready To Rumble

MPD 1 BPD, Greeve’s Hespa Hermes, masculine head, nice body, good bone & feet, excellent ridge, moved well for such a baby, a quality puppy; 2 Lowson’s Kani Akilah Encane Hasani for Jengachenga, pleasing head & eye, nice front, bone & feet, good body, moderate quarters, moved OK. Not as strong in topline as 1; 3 Jorge Kahawia.

PD 1 K Akilah Encane Hasani for J; 2 Craig’s Lunanga Zenda Makorikovi, a quality dog, masculine head, excellent body, good bone, moved well when settled. Was not cooperating with his handler today, needs more ring training for him to do some good winning.

JD 1 Tredwell & Symonds’s Shobay Dark Knight Rises, masculine dog of good make & shape, pleasing head, bone & feet, strong quarters with good ridge, excellent forechest lacking in some today. Moved OK. He was not happy with the floor, pity; 2 Murphy’s Amahle Mpho at Lusapho, pleasing head & eye, good ridge, well made body, moderate quarters, good topline. He coped with the floor better than 1. In good body. Not the forechest of 1; 3 Walamadengie Brooklyn Bear.

YD 1 S Dark Knight Rises; 2 A Mpho at L; 3 Sofala Grand Master.

YD 1 S Dark Knight Rises; 2 A Mpho at L; 3 Sofala Grand Master.

ND 1 Syme’s Gabisa Captain America, pleasing head & eye, nice front, good bone & feet, good body length, well muscled quarters, moved OK, nice ridge, in good body condition; 2 L Zenda Makorikovi.

PGD 1 Rossiter & Hutcheson’s Chilolo Shha Shooting For The Moon, nice body, bone & feet, good quarters, well constructed front, nice head, moved OK, good ridge. Just needs to mature to complete the picture; 2 Aitken & Reid’s Gabisa Spotted Dick, top class dog, masculine head, nice neck & shoulders, good front, body & quarters, strong topline, moved well, of lovely breed type. Would have pushed for top awards had he not been missing a couple of bits; 3 G Captain America.

LD 1 Pearce’s Msingi Tabula Rasa, a top class dog, masculine head, well constructed front, good ridge, topline & quarters, moved well. Just needs a bit more maturity in body to complete the picture; 2 Poelman & Piehl’s Kiromol Khulani, pleasing head & eye, well constructed body, nice bone & feet, good ridge, strong quarters, sound happy mover, in good body & coat. Just needs to mature all through but is young for this class; 3 Isiqa’s Grezky at Saddletor.

OD A class of quality dogs. 1 CC & BIS, Aitken & Reid’s Ch Sonstraal Chocolate Storm, a super dog from any angle, lovely breed type, masculine head, well constructed body, good bone & feet, nice ridge, strong topline & quarters. At 7 years he is the complete picture. Moved well with good side profile, in tip top coat & condition; 2 Greeve’s Roseridge Royal Romeo, another quality dog, super head & eye, excellent neck & shoulders, good body length, strong quarters & topline, good ridge, moved well. At 2 years he just needs a bit more maturity to complete the picture; 3 Ch Kiromol Kubwa Mno, completed a trio of excellent dogs.

VD 1 Ch Sonstraal Chocolate Storm; 2 RCC, Geeves’ Ch Matabelle Masterpiece., 8 years young, super head & eye, nicely constructed front, good body length, strong topline & quarters, moved well, good ridge, good side profile. Half-brother to the CC winner, same sire. These two made a pleasing pair. Congratulations to you both; 3 Ch Mwenga Hasani for Jengachenga.

MPB 1 Manning’s Fiadria Syleane Kagani, feminine bitch with nice head, well made body, good bone, topline & quarters, good ridge, nice happy temperament, moved well for one so young. PB 1 BP, Cox’s Carlincox Ready To Rumble, super pup, pleasing head, well constructed front, great body, topline & quarters, sound & stylish with good outline. A great prospect for the future.

JB 1 Brien & Young’s Imanje Msitu Mashamba, well balanced young bitch, well made body & quarters, good topline & ridge, feminine head with good bone & feet, nice forechest & ribs; 2 Denver’s Gunthwaite Cool Crazy Lady of Vandengan, well grown bitch, good head, neck & shoulders, strong body & quarters, good ridge, moved OK. Just needs to develop in forechest.

YB 1 Murray’s Mwani Wanjeri of Dellared, a quality young bitch, nice head & expression, good neck & shoulders, nice front, bone & feet, good body & quarters, very sound mover. With a bit more maturity could trouble the best.

NB 1 Dick’s Gabisa Wonder Woman, lovely feminine head, well made body, good ridge, strong topline & quarters, moved OK. Just needs to lose a bit of weight to complete the picture.

PGB 1 Lowson’s Rozelridge’s Dreamscape for Jengachenga, very sound & stylish young bitch, feminine head, nice front & feet, very good body & quarters, good side profile with nice ridge, in tip top coat & condition; 2 Brewis’ Janak Constance, stronger bitch all through, good head, eye & expression, strong body, topline & quarters, nice legs & feet, moved OK. Not as strong in topline as 1; 3 Sharufa Shadowing James.

LB A class of quality bitches. 1 RCC, Linton’s Sharofa Simply The Best, top class young bitch, feminine head, excellent front, bone & feet, mature body with strong quarters, good ridge & topline, sound & stylish with a good length of stride, shown in good coat & condition; 2 Bates, McCarthy-Booth & McCarthy’s Gunthwaite Born To Be Wicked at Jarhiba, super breed type, excellent head, good bone & feet, well made body & quarters, strong topline with good ridge, shown in tip top coat & condition, moved OK. A quality bitch; 3 Kiromol Kendi.

OB Another strong class of quality bitches. 1 CC, Davis’ Hespa Starlit Sky at Hesselwell, well balanced bitch of super type, feminine head & expression, excellent neck & shoulder, good front, body & quarters, sound & stylish, shown in first class coat & condition, moved well with good side gait. A quality bitch from any angle; 2 Maylor’s Ch Kamili Comes And Goes, nice head, eye & expression, well made front, good bone, good body length, strong quarters, moved well, in great coat & condition. Close to 1, daughter of today’s BOB; 3 Kelshanti Jamila Urbi.

VB 1 Darling’s Ch Zougani Zawadi, super head, excellent front neck & shoulders, good body, topline & quarters, moved well. Looks well for her years.


RBIS - Ch Hespa Starlit Sky at Hesselwell JW

BPIS - Carlincox Ready to Rumble

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